MEDICI – Mapping Digital Inclusion



MEDICI (Mapping the Evolving Digital Inclusion landscape to support Cohesion and Integration) is a pilot project co-funded by the European Commission’s DG-CNECT for mapping good practices of inclusion of vulnerable people in digital society in the 28 EU Countries.


The project will produce an interactive catalogue of good practices of digital inclusion of vulnerable groups, an online map for locating the practices, and an online Knowledge Community where all stakeholders interested in digital inclusion (public administrations, local and regional authorities, private social economy organisations, research centres and training institutions) will have the opportunity to network and to transfer good practices to their territories and organisations.


Download the MEDICI Project Newsletter no. 0 here.


The MEDICI project started on 1st December 2018. The research activity to identify good practices of digital inclusion of vulnerable people in Europe is currently ongoing. The good practices identified will then undergo evidence-effectiveness evaluation through an expressly designed analysis process. The online catalogue will be published by the end of 2019.


The MEDICI project is coordinated by Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (ES). Smart Bananas is a partner of the project together with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (UK), KETHEA – Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals (GR), CEPCEP – Center for Portuguese Speaking Peoples and Cultures (PT), DIESIS Coop (BE), LAB Agenzia Regionale Lavoro e Apprendimento Basilicata (IT).


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